There are times when despite everyone’s best efforts unexpected events like accidents and OSHA inspections occur, with bad results.

Workers Compensation
We provide expert witness and support services to employers, insurers and employees.

OSHA Inspections
Sometimes hazards aren’t recognized until it is too late. Don’t go up against the experts alone! In most cases it is too costly to hire a lawyer to defend you. Also, lawyers may know the law, but they rarely know occupational safety and health. If you have recently received OSHA citations, we can help you fight the citations, and/or minimize the damage, and help make sure that repeat citations, which cost much more do not occur in the future. Our staff includes former OSHA officers who know the system. We can help any business regardless of size. With OSHA citations, timing is critical. Please contact as soon as possible so we can give you the most help possible before you lose any of your rights.

For larger cases, where legal help is necessary we can work with lawyers who specialize in OSHA law.




Annual refresher training is required for all First Responder Operations Level and HAZMAT technician personnel under HAZWOPER.

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